About US

Tinka Contracting LLC carries wideexpertise in construction of residential and commercial buildings, backed by the experience of its founders. The founders have an untiring zeal to make the stakeholders delighted with their excellent service.

With the launch of Tinka Contracting LLC, the local construction industry has added a new chapter in serving the society. Licenced by the Dubai Municipality and Dubai Economic Department, the Tinka Contracting team is committed to respect client's requirements as the foundation of their work culture, so that the team can ensure that the deliverables they produce not just meet client’s expectations but exceed them. At Tinka we are determined to delight you - our clients and customers - an experience you would cherish forever.

We present before you a team of qualified proficient engineers, quality champions of materials as well as of construction, who have already made a mark in the UAE construction industry through their dedicated and longstanding service to this progressive nation.
Tinka Contracting LLC holds an asset of expertise brought in by its managing director, who has more than twenty eight (28) years of Professional Versatile Experience in Project Management, contributing to building landscapes of many prominent cities of the world, including those in the UAE. Thus, Tinka is endowed with excellent knowledge and experience assets that could be an envy of many other existing companies in the construction industry.