Quality Assurance Policy

TINKA Contracting LLC is committed to supplying construction services of consistent quality that conform fully with statutory requirements and meet our client’s documented and implied expectations in terms of technical, budget, quality, and time. Making the best possible application of knowledge, processes, skills, tools, and techniques, we strive to make a significant impact on project success – a success which is shared with all the project stakeholders. We focus on (a) Conformance to requirements: The project’s processes and products meet written specifications, and (b) Fitness for use: The building can be used as it was intended, serving the user’s needs in the best possible way.

The principal quality aims of Tinka Contracting are:
  • ♦ To have a real understanding of client’s needs that align with their business requirements.
  • ♦ To strengthen relationships and encourage repeat business with existing clients.
  • ♦ To win projects not solely on price but through innovation and added value.
  • ♦ To continually strive to improve our performance through analysis and continuous improvement of business processes.
  • ♦ To develop staff potential through appropriate training in project management quality systems, e.g. PMBOK 5th edition, ISO 21500, ISO 10006:2003, ISO 10007:2003, and ISO 31000:2009.
  • ♦ To engender a positive commitment to quality and create an environment of teamwork and cooperation that enables staff to work effectively.
  • ♦ To support staff in their day-to-day work by developing an accredited management system that links all business activities within the organisation and is documented to meet the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001:2008.