Mission & Vision

Vision Statement of Tinka Contracting LLC:

Strive to consistently raise Tinka’s stake in the development of UAE, and UAE’s stake in the world economy.

Mission Statement of Tinka Contracting LLC

The path to realizing Tinka’s Vision is based on fundamental vlaues of trust, respect, and shared benefits.

Our Mission:
  • ♦ To undertake the construction business with prime focus on cost leadership with excellence
  • ♦ To meet stakeholders’ expectations of scope, quality, timely delivery, safety and environmental concerns.
  • ♦ To develop effective management processes that help raise productivity, uninterruptedenhancement in the reach of the organization,
  • ♦ To instill in all personnel professional work ethics, respect for all stakeholders, work standards and regulations,
  • ♦ To build value for the organization and its stakeholders in order to become the most preferred choice of every customer.