Project: Installation of 3 in-house chillers + New RMU, LV, Security, Transformer & Pump Rooms

Name of the client : Prescott Enterprises Ltd.

Area: Jumeirah Village Circle

Plot no.: JVC13LHRS400-PBC

Name of the consultant: National Engineering Bureau (NEB)


Name of Building: Prime Business Centre

Plot Area: 48,509 SQ.FT.

Approved Building: 2B+G+2P+17 floors

Additional area : 9,260 SQ.FT.

Total built-up area : 491,515 SQ.FT.

Project 12

Project: Construction of 2 nos. G+1 villas

Name of the client : Ali Ahmad Al Ghuloom Ahmad Alblooshi

Location:Al Barsha South 2nd

Plot no.: 672-0636

Name of the consultant: SAS Engineering Consultants


Area of Plot: 16,103.00 SQ.FT.

Ground floor area : 1,927.00 SQ.FT.

First floor area: 2,024.00 SQ.FT.

Total Built-up area (one villa): 3,951.00 SQ.FT.

Total Built-up area (2 villas) : 7,902.00 SQ.FT.

Total building height : 43.00 FT.

Project 13

Project: Construction of G+1 villa

Name of the client :Ibrahim Hassam Ali Mohammad

Location:Al Barsha 2nd

Plot no.:6723650

Name of the consultant: Fakhry Engineering Consultant


Area of building: 9623.00 SQ.FT.

Net approved area: 2715.00 SQ.FT.

Total area: 2715.00 SQ.FT.

Total building height : 35.00 FT.

Project 14

Project : Construction of G+1 villa and Service Block

Name of the client :Mr. Obaid Mohammed Ibrahim Alqabanji

Site:Al Warqa 3rd

Plot no.: 423-1878

Name of the consultant: Red Crystal Engineering Consultant


Area of Villa: 9,838.00 SQ.FT.

Ground floor area : 4,100.00 SQ.FT.

First Floor area: 4,080.00 SQ.FT.

Sevice Block area: 1,658.00 SQ.FT.

Total building height: 34.00 FT.

Project 15

Project: Construction of Service block

Name of the client :Mohammed Ghafour Mohammed Shakri

Location:Al Bada’a

Plot no.: 3330832

Name of the consultant: Abdul Rahim Architectural Consultants


Area of building: 8720.00 SQ.FT.

Ground floor area : 2470.00 SQ.FT.

First floor area : 2356.00 SQ.FT.

Service block area : 491.00 SQ.FT.

Total area : 5211.00 SQ.FT.

Total building height : 38.00 FT.